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Friday, December 16, 2011

Table setting for the holidays

For those holiday party hosts, in order to get the most use of your table here are a few tips:

  1. "Layering"- this is a key element. If using a table cloth set heavy, non-sliding books underneath your tale cloth. This will allow guests to access those appetizers with ease. If you decide to show off your gorgeous dining table, instead of using books you can achieve a similar look using square clear glass hurricanes, but be sure to put a little decorative accent inside for color(small round ornaments are great).
  2. Candles-Lighting is one of the most important factor. There is no comparison to the warm soft glow candles offer. Just be sure placement does not interfere with the platters. Candle sticks, votives and pillars on plates are excellent to create interest.
  3. Accessories-Driftwood, ornaments, and garland are a few additions that help add character to your table. They help set the tone for the occasion by reflecting the glow of the candle light. Just be sure placement of these do not interfere with candles or detract from the main focus which of course is the food.
  4. Stands, Platters, Dishes-There are endless options for serving pieces, multi level platters, and cake stands are wonderful multi-purpose pieces. Center a gourmet cheese ball spread on a cake platter for spreading on baguette, all while having a holiday ceviche on surrounding spoons. A trifle dish is perfect for those holiday snacks, candies for a splash of color, or simply fill with baguette for the meats and cheeses.
  5. Don't forget the plates-While finger food is perfectly ideal, it is crucial to have napkins or small plates for your guests. This will help assure guests don't over crowd the table, as well as allowing them to carry their drink and apps while circulating your amazing home.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Candle Idea

Mood lighting plays an important role in creating a warm inviting environment, and candles are fantastic for that "sitting by the fire" warm glow. Here's an easy trick to add a rustic decorative look to your everyday pillar candles.

Items you will need:
-Pillar Candle
-Candle Tray
-Decorative Feather Trim
-Instant Krazy Glue (brush applicator recommended)
-Rubber band
-Cranberries (real is recommended)

1. Brush the base perimeter of the pillar candle with Krazy glue. The glue does not get absorbed by the candle so be careful not to touch the glue with your fingers.
2. Brush the tape of the decorative feather trim with Krazy Glue.
3. With candle sitting wick side down, wrap decorative trim around the base of the candle using the rubber band to hold the trim to the candle.
4. Let glue sit approximately 15 minutes.
5. Gently remove the rubber band and turn candle wick side up.
6. Set candle center of tray. Place cranberries generously at corners to liking.

Hint: the cranberries are great to hide mistakes or if you run short on trim.

A great source for the candles, and trim similar to the Samuel & Sons trim that I used is

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Play areas in formal spaces DO work.

Keeping a dedicated area for children to play in a formal living space, helps retain clutter, and allows the parents to socialize, or entertain, while supervising their children. (Photography by Tony Soluri)